Sports Registrars Training Day at Restore

Last month Restore Physiotherapy was pleased to welcome a special group of visitors to our clinic  – the Victorian based Sports Registrars. The Sports Registrars are a cohort of doctors undergoing their sports medicine training through the Australasian College of Sport and Exercise Physicians. As part of their training, Restore Physiotherapist Kathleen Pettyfor had been invited to present to the group on the topic of Lumbo-pelvic stability, Clinical Pilates and its application within Sports Medicine. Having worked at Restore as a Physiotherapist and Clinical Pilates Practitioner, with Melbourne Football Club as their Pilates Physiotherapist and as a tournament physiotherapist for Tennis Australia – this was a topic that Kathleen was very pleased to present on.

The presentation involved a lecture explaining the theory and current research associated with Clinical Pilates, and discussion around the topic of movement “stability”. Kathleen was lucky enough to have a willing Restore client participate in the presentation, so that an interactive patient assessment and Pilates treatment could be demonstrated for the doctors. This was a great opportunity to work through some of the biomechanical assessments that Physiotherapists conduct whilst having input from the Registrars.

Following the presentation (and some morning tea – thanks Zach!), it was time for the Sports Registrars to get involved by performing some Clinical Pilates of their own! After breaking into small groups, the Registrars worked their way through beginner, intermediate and advanced exercises with the close supervision of our physiotherapists – Kathleen, Tamara, Laura, Anna and Rachael. We were very impressed with some of the registrars Pilates skills! The morning was a great success and we were pleased to receive some great feedback from those who participated.

Our physiotherapists commonly work in conjunction with Sport and Exercise Physicians in the rehabilitation and management of musculoskeletal injuries, and also chronic disease. We were very privileged to host the Registrars at Restore and have Kathleen assist in their training. We would like to thank all our regular Friday morning clients for your flexibility in allowing us to reschedule your classes for this one off occasion. Thanks also to our Friday afternoon clients, for your help with finishing off the left over morning tea!!

Sports Registrar Day Sports Registrar Day