Clinical Exercise process

Step 1


Your Clinical Exercise experience at Restore Physiotherapy begins with a 45 minute assessment from one of our experienced physiotherapists. The assessment involves a discussion of relevant medical history and circumstances surrounding your injury/condition. The physiotherapist will also assess your movement patterns, strength, stability, and flexibility of relevant areas of the body. Following your assessment the physiotherapist will create an individualised Clinical Exercise program, consisting of exercises specifically targeted to your injury or condition.

Step 2

Clinical Exercise 1:1

Following your comprehensive assessment, it is time to commence your rehabilitative process. Again our experienced physiotherapists will guide you through your specifically targeted clinical exercises. These sessions ensure that you are performing these exercises correctly, maximising optimal benefit to your body, returning you back to the activities you want to be doing sooner.

Step 3

Clinical Exercise Groups

Once you have established an understanding of your clinical exercises, clients then move into groups. These small groups are again supervised by our experienced Clinical Exercise physiotherapists. Groups are kept small (no more than 3 in a group) to ensure optimal supervision and correction ensuring you achieve your goals faster.

Step 4

Clinical Exercise Review

As with any form of exercise and rehabilitation, your program and exercises need to be progressed to ensure continued improvement. Goals also change as you start to return to activities and pursuits. The Clinical Exercise Review revisits your goals and monitors your progress to ensure that your Clinical Exercise program is best tailored to your needs.