Firm Foundations

Q: What is a firm foundation for upper limbs, lower limbs and trunk control?

A: Core stability!

Yes we have all heard the term and it is exchanged over cups of coffee, before a gym session or whilst walking around the golf course: “I am working on my core…”

To work on your core really means co-activating or engaging the transversus abdominus muscle (deepest abdominal muscle which acts like a corset) and the levator ani muscles. What and where are the levator ani muscles? They are your pelvic floor muscles – they form a floor to your bony pelvis and are vital for supporting abdominal organs in men and women, young and old.

So your pelvis is the powerhouse for core strength. Your pelvis is the foundation stone for weight bearing lifestyles.

  • Is your pelvic floor muscle engaged?
  • Have you experienced any signs of weakness?
  • Bladder control or bowel control issues?
  • Prolapse symptoms, prostate symptoms or pelvic pain of any sort?

If so, speak to your physiotherapist, GP or specialist and make sure you optimise your pelvic floor control and build a firmer foundation. Improve your body mass index to not overload the pelvic floor.

Try completing the following male/female questionnaires to ascertain if you are putting your Pelvic Floor First. Visit or ask at the Restore reception for a copy of this questionnaire.

Tamara Wraith

Tamara Wraith is our experienced Women’s and Men’s Health Physiotherapist who joined the Restore team two years ago. Tamara has focused on clinical excellence and compassion as a pelvic floor physiotherapist for 15 years and has tutored at Melbourne University on the Post Graduate course since 2010. Tamara as well as working in many private clinics, has been a Senior Physiotherapist at many of Melbourne’s leading hospital specialising in obstetrics and gynaecology, including Mercy Hospital for Women and Francis Perry House. Tamara recently travelled with an Aus Aid Urology Team coordinated by the College of Surgeons to Solomon Islands to help establish a Continence Clinic there – a project she is thrilled to have an ongoing involvement with.